Wednesday May 22, 8pm at ColdTowne Theater

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Kerri Lendo is an Austin based stand up and filmmaker. She has been a finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest. She’s also the co-host of the web show Inside Joke.


Every Girl’s Annual exists to provide wholesome, instructional comedy to men and women of every age and station. Three tall, graceful paragons of femininity, Amy Gentry, Lydia Nelson, and Valerie Ward, imbue every sketch with their womanly qualities of modesty, delicacy, and good taste. Bring your daughters! It’s never too early to teach the skills and duties of true womanhood. Our specialty? The period piece.
Cast: Amy Gentry, Lydia Nelson, and Valerie Ward


From the butts of some of the guys who brought you Ghetto Sketch Warlock, Audience of Two, and The Duckes of Bedside Manor comes a show you ain’t never seen before. Complete with realism, stuff that is less real, and straight up poopy-time crazy. Get off your couch and have my money ready at the door, SUCKA!
Cast: Quinn Buckner, Ben Masten, Bryan Roberts, Meredith Mae Roberts, Kyle Traughber

 10pm at ColdTowne Theater

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Originally from Richmond, Joe Hafkey moved to Austin in 2011 to make a whirlwind tour of the city’s comedy stages, placing in the Finals of the Funniest Person in Austin Contest on his first attempt. A regular on Matt Bearden’s PUNCH! showcase at Cap City, Joe delights crowds with his absurd, acerbic worldview. Joe has performed at Hell Yes Fest, San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival, and Out of Bounds. You can also catch Joe Sunday night as part of the cast for An Historic Evening.


The Austin Comedy Hour is not an hour, is not funny and is comprised of a bunch of people who would rather watch Fraiser reruns on the Hallmark Channel than perform in front of humans who aren’t related to them. They are, however, from Austin.
Cast: Bobby DiPasquale, Brent Foshee, Scott Moss, Aimee Thomas, Brett Tribe

P! COMPANY (Austin / Los Angeles)

The P! Company is… Comedy, Openness, Passion, Friendship, and Experimentation. These are the tenets of Austin’s famed comedy duo, Andy Petruzzo & Kyle Sweeney. The P! Company has a promise, “The P! Company will always deliver a great* sketch.” Prepare for a different type of show – one that embraces manic video segments, bizarre character monologues, mixed-media presentations, wildly witty banter between its hosts Andy Petruzzo and Kyle Sweeney, in addition to their high-energy live sketches.
Cast: Kyle Sweeney and Andy Petruzzo

*A Great Sketch as determined by the National Sketch Comedy of America Federation’s 1994 Guideline handbook.