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  • ASF Hot Seat: Your Terrific Neighbors


    Your Terrific Neighbors have been the Austin sketch comedy gold standard for so many years, you might be tempted to take them for granted. But each performance proves that YTN continues to be as inventive as they are hilarious. We asked some questions to Curtis, Courtney, and Braden. Wait… where’s Braden? Curtis Luciani: Sorry that […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Your Terrific Neighbors

    Ah Styrofoam!

    One of the stand-out shows from last year’s Austin Sketch Fest was Your Terrific Neighbors‘ whirlwind performance. Shock collars, male cops with women’s sunglasses, the double duck, crab walking, iced tea spitting – it had it all. You can see them at this year’s Fest on Saturday May 25, along with Ennis & Kaye and […]

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  • Get to Know: Your Terrific Neighbors

    Austin Sketch Fest Preview - Your Terrific Neighbors

    Volleyball children, magic sex pencilists, submarine dads, jazzercise preachers, and dudes who love to 69, bro — these are but a few of Your Terrific Neighbors. One of Austin’s most passionately loved (and loving) sketch troupes, Your Terrific Neighbors are out there dropping fresh sketches on the community’s head on a monthly basis. They’ve been doing it for 4(ish) years and pride themselves on creating some of the most smartly dumb, dumbly smart, sweetly sick, sickly sweet comedy around, depending on what you mean by “around.” We asked YTN what the streets were sayin.

    How did you get involved with doing sketch comedy?

    Joel Osborne: I stumbled upon Kids In The Hall in my youth and became an instant addict of sketch. In college, four of us decided that since we were all borderline obsessed with the show and we thought each other hilarious that we should form our own group. We would meet about twice a week, write as many sketches as we could, and once a month drive from San Marcos to Austin to try out our pieces at No Shame Theater. There were a lot of rewrites. A lot.

    Curtis Luciani: One day I decided that I wanted to do some sketch comedy, because writing full-length comic plays was too much of a pain in the ass. So I asked some of my favorite funny friends to do it with me. That was Your Terrific Neighbors version 1.

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