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  • ASF Hot Seat: STAG Comedy


    This year, Austin comedy stalwarts STAG Comedy join the Austin Sketch Fest 6-timers club with a new, full length play called “Sex Week,” in which they blend some of their favorite characters and sketches into a complete story with an actual beginning, middle, and end. STAG Comedy is made up of an elite group of stand […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: STAG Comedy


    STAG Comedy is Austin’s most well-traveled group. Plying fests in Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, and more. They also did a set at this year’s Moontower Comedy Festival, right here in Austin. For Austin Sketch Fest, they’ve upped the stakes. STAG will be debuting their brand new police-themed show “Below the Law” on the Thursday night of […]

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  • Call for entries: Bottle Challenge!


    At the legendary ColdTowne Christmas party STAG Comedy came into possession of 2 breakaway bottles – fake glass bottles you can safely break over someone’s head. STAG already used one (it worked great) and they’d like the other one to be used by… YOU! The ASF Bottle Challenge Write a short piece – one page […]

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  • ASF Acts at Moontower


    First and foremost we are fans of comedy, so if you’re in Austin this week you should absolutely tray to catch a show during the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival. Kids in the Hall are one of the headliners! How awesome is that? [Quick brag: Fest Producer Michael Jastroch will be KITH’s script supervisor while […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: STAG Comedy

    STAG Comedy :: David Jara, Mac Blake, Ximena Estrada, Dave Youmans, Lance Gilstrap. Andrew Rosas, Joe Parsons

    STAG Comedy has been busy in the past year, with a microtour of Portland and Seattle, a trip to the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, and a brand new show, Sensible Pantsuit. They also added a new member, Lance Gilstrap. They’re also performing Thursday night along with There’s Waldo and Danny Palumbo. Stags David Jara, Dave […]

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  • Get to Know: STAG Comedy

    Austin Sketch Fest Preview - Stag Comedy

    Austin-based STAG Comedy has sworn a bload-oath to always be awesome. Made up of members of Master Pancake Theater and Mascot Wedding, Stag’s high-energy live show brings together their love of dumb problems, stupid emotions, and smart writing. They recently performed at SXSW and this year marks their third straight Austin Sketch Fest. We asked Stag members David Jara and Ximena Estrada to spill their goddamn guts.

    How did you get involved with doing sketch comedy?

    David Jara: We just kinda did it, man. We wanted to do a show so we did a show. Boom. Now I’m done. (drops mic)

    What’s your writing process like?

    Ximena Estrada: Grueling. We each take time to write sketches and then we get together to read them out loud to one another. Someone always ends up in tears or in their underwear.

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