Get to Know: Spirit Desire

Spirit Desire formed in January 2010 through the power of friendship and The New Movement Theater. Since then this quartet of mostly bearded bros has played throughout Texas and have been on stage at The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival and Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans. Wild and unpredictable, Micheal Foulk, Brady James, James Patrick Robinson, and Rob Gagnon attack the stage with complete comic abandon. Their monthly variety show at The New Movement has become one of the biggest draws The New Movement has. We asked James Patrick Robinson some questions.

How did you get started doing sketch comedy?

James Patrick Robinson: When the group first formed in early 2010 we initially only wanted to be a group that made videos and perform sketches on stage. We were already friends but were all very new to comedy. Meaning the first few months involved us drinking more than anything else. We eventually pulled most of our focus towards improv and only in the past 6 months have we’ve been taking sketch more seriously.

What’s your writing process like?

JPR: We don’t have a defined writing process. All of us contribute to the writing process in various forms and combinations. Often our sketch ideas come from us hanging out, making each other laugh and eventually going “oh hey thats a thing. That should be a sketch.” Also sometimes someone writes a sketch independently and then pitches it to the group.

What are you looking forward to at Austin Sketch Fest?

JPR: Everything. The preview show last month at Drafthouse got us real excited to see full shows from the groups who participated. It was amazing to see the cohesion and how well the groups played off each other. And of course we’re stoked to see Mary Jo Pehl and Paul F. Tompkins.

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