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  • ASF Hot Seat: Hot Property


    Hot Property shows were nuts. Things got smashed, cast members were abused, people at a Yelp event were offended. One of their sketches involved them pretending to be comatose on stage for the entirety of Drowning Pool’s “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.” An endurance test for many reasons. Then Nick Ramirez moved to New […]

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  • Dave Buckman’s ASF Picks


    Dave Buckman already told us why he couldn’t be more excited for Ithamar Enriquez’s show. We asked Dave for some more festival picks. Here’s what he sent us. 5 OTHER SHOWS I CAN’T WAIT FOR: 5) Wink Planet Tuesday May 20th, 8:30pm, ColdTowne Theater. A hot new sketch troupe of recent ColdTowne graduates who are […]

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  • Wife’s Home Early by Hot Property and Humordy

    Wife Is Coming Home Early - Hot Property (Live Sketch)

    In anticipation of ASF, our friends at Humordy released a live sketch from Hot Property (Mac, David, and Lance from STAG! and Nick from Old Fashioned) recorded live at ColdTowne. Humordy updates three times a week with new hilarious shorts, animation, and live recordings of Austin’s best stand-up. Click here to subscribe. Need more convincing? […]

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  • Get to Know: Hot Property

    Austin Sketch Fest Preview - Hot Property 3

    Hot Property is a sketch-prov powerhouse made up of Nick Ramirez and Lance Gilstrap from Austin improv and sketch institution Midnight Society, and Mac Blake and David Jara from KOOP radio’s The Mascot Wedding Show (and also the Friday-performing group Stag Comedy). We put these dudes under the hot lights and got some answers.

    How did Hot Property get started with sketch comedy?

    Nick Ramirez: If you hang around ColdTowne Theater long enough, you’ll end up writing and performing in a sketch comedy show. It’s something that happens to all of us eventually.

    David Jara: I’m trying to remember how we got started. I think it involved some kid’s wish. I forget if it was a birthday wish or more of a genie situation, but I think some kid wished for greatness and then like five minutes later we formed Hot Property.

    What’s your writing process like?

    Lance Gilstrap: We mostly get together and one person has an idea that we all throw around, dropping in different bits of dialog and ideas for places the story could go. One person will usually take that and flesh out the sketch using those ideas and bring back an outline and we run through it a couple times, improvising the dialog and adding ideas as we go. From this point, sometimes dialog is written and memorized and sometimes the sketch is kept loose – like the meat in some sandwiches.

    Mac Blake: Some good sandwiches. Who likes tight meat?

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