Sunday May 26, 7pm at the SpiderHouse Ballroom

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Bob Khosravi was born a baby, which his mother appreciated. After years of experimentation he perfected blending his foreign last name with a really American first name. An absurd storyteller hailing from Austin, Bob has been a featured performer in the Art Outside festival, alongside Moshe Kasher and Shane Mauss, as well as the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival. Having hosted and featured at Cap City Comedy Club and headlined the infamous Velveeta Room, Bob has solidified his place in the local comedy community as well as on the road. Khosravi’s comedy has been described as bright and engaging with a subtle sense of darkness. He writes and produces a sketch show called menOcomedy with co-creator Chris Dodgen.

AN HISTORIC EVENING with Brendan K. O’Grady (Austin)

An Historic Evening is a chat show featuring the most famous guests who’ve ever lived. Your host Brendan K. O’Grady welcomes history’s greatest figures (as played by comics and improvisers) for an enlightening Q&A before a live audience.
Cast: Brendan K. O’Grady, Lance Gilstrap, and Joe Hafkey

 8pm at the SpiderHouse Ballroom

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Kat Ramzinski has been doing comedy for 5ish years. Kat has performed in festivals like Fun Fun Fun Fest, Moontower, and Art Outside. She also ran shows at the Velveeta Room, was in the paper, yadda yadda yadda. Look, the point is, she did some shit and she still doesn’t have anything to show for it. Come see her before she blows her brains out.


This two person sketch show brings you into the WOFX radio station headquarters. Home to such shows as “The News” and “Guac Talk”, the only all guacamole call-in talk show in the country, WOFX is in desperate need of funds. Old Fashioned (Nick Ramirez and Katie Sicking) become a cast of 100 characters- all of whom need your support to keep public radio on the air.
Cast: Nick Ramirez and Katie Sicking


Unsuspectingly Sponsored By is a comedy show about advertising, featuring comedians who happen to work on said advertisements at their “professional jobs.” In the show we put the client on stage, and throughout we constantly “pitch” new concepts and campaigns. These take the form of live sketch, improvisation, stand-up monologues, and most importantly-fully produced video commercials / sketches. Like SNL style commercials, but for one very real company, who is “unsuspectingly” sponsoring the night. It’s non-consensual advertising. Each show features a giveaway of the product sponsoring.
Cast: Erik Horn, John Gross, Brad Parrett, Andy Smith, Robert Segovia

 10pm at the SpiderHouse Ballroom

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Laugh, Dammit! is a live comedy game show inspired by the thrice-run TV show Make Me Laugh where contestants are challenged by the best Austin funny people to just try not to laugh. If the contestants don’t laugh, they win prizes. The show includes a cast of David James (host), Roxy Castillo (our Vanna White), and Duncan Carson (our Don Pardo) and a different set of funny people each show.
Cast: Scott Hardy, Trey Galyon, Rob Gagnon, Amy Botelho, David James, Roxy Castillo, and Duncan Carson.