First Wave of ASF Performers + All-Fest Passes


We received a record number of applications for this year’s fest and picking the line-up was tough stuff. After much deliberation, Austin Sketch Fest is HYPER PUMPED to announce the initial group of performers making their way to the plaid-clad kingdom of Austin for this year’s fest:
AC Lerok (ATX)
Bad Example (ATX)
Brandon Gulya (NYC)
Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction hosted by Bryan Cook (LA)
Everyone’s Favorite Game Show (NYC)
Girls with Brown Hair present Womantown (NYC)
Hot Property (reunion show!) (ATX)
“Ithamar has Nothing to Say” starring Ithamar Enriquez (LA)
Magician vs. Clown (ATX)
Master Pancake Theater (ATX)
My Mans (Chicago)
Rabbit Rabbit (Chicago)
STAG Comedy (ATX)
Stone Cold Fox (NYC)
The Hustle Show (ATX)
The Tastemakers (ATX)
“I Don’t Know Words” starring Vanessa Gonzalez (ATX)
Why We Broke Up (NYC)
Wink Planet (ATX)
Your Terrific Neighbors (ATX)

We’ve also put our All-Fest Passes on sale. Because we’re so hot in the pants about the festival, we’re releasing a very limited number at early bird prices. Get one while supplies last!