Juliet Prather – ATX

Juliet Prather is an improviser and actor based in Austin. She began her comedic training at the ColdTowne Theater Conservatory and proudly graduated from the program in 2014.

Juliet is an actor for The Paramount Theater’s Story Wranglers, an organization that works to take stories written by elementary school students and adapt them for the stage. You can currently see her performing in ColdTowne’s main stage production, Kaleidoscope, as well as with the improv troupes Rush, Cops, Felix, and Patio Talk.

Her past projects include playing with the ColdTowne Conservatory house troupe, Bear Derby, as well as performing and writing for ColdTowne’s live late night talk show, The Sarah Coker Show.

Juliet firmly believes in working hard, saying yes, and eating lunch.

Performance Info:
I Didn’t See You There: The Show of One-Person Shows
Monday, May 18th, 8:30pm, ColdTowne Theater. TICKETS

So Juiced
Friday, May 22nd, Midnight at Spider House Ballroom. Free show.