• ASF Hot Seat: STAG! Comedy

    STAG Comedy :: David Jara, Mac Blake, Ximena Estrada, Dave Youmans, Lance Gilstrap. Andrew Rosas, Joe Parsons

    STAG! Comedy has been busy in the past year, with a microtour of Portland and Seattle, a trip to the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, and a brand new show, Sensible Pantsuit. They also added a new member, Lance Gilstrap. They’re also performing Thursday night along with There’s Waldo and Danny Palumbo. Stags David Jara, Dave [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: The Hustle Show

    The Hustle Show

    The Hustle Show hustles. Every month the same group of people write and perform a brand new sketch show. Then, they next month they start all over. The Hustle Show also features games, stand-up, music, and “assorted mayhem.” In April the group did a show of just one-person shows. Hosted by the Mascot Wedding dudes, [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Unsuspectingly Sponsored By

    Unsuspectingly Sponsored By

    Where did the idea for Unsuspectingly Sponsored By come from? Erik Horn: For me it really came out of years of being frustrated by different clients. I always want to make the best and funniest thing I can for every client that walks in the door, but sometimes they just want a “mini-documentary” or an [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Old Fashioned

    Old Fashioned :: Nick Ramirez and Katie Sicking

    NYC’s Old Fashioned is Nick Ramirez and Katie Sicking, two ex-Austinites that were heavily involved in Austin comedy. Both doing a huge amount of improv, a lil bit of stand-up, and an impressive amount of sketch. Nick with Midnight Society and Hot Property, and Katie with Rattlesnake and The Hustle Show. ASF is shiny with [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Beige


    Everyone at Austin Sketch Fest is (total duh) big fans of UCB and we’re perpetually on the edge of a swoon that UCB sketch team Beige is coming down. Check’em out Saturday 10pm along with self-help guru LanceLife. We asked Beige’s Jon Bershad for some brownish information. For folks at home, what’s the process of [...]

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