• Imperical Thinking: An Interview with Stand-up Empire’s Brently Heilbron


    Austin’s unofficial slogan of “Keep Austin Weird” might make some people think of hippy-ish imagery, or jorts in the office, or some asshole who brings a Parrot to a bar. To others, it means a variation from the norm, more specifically, against the expected. Can that command to Keep Delivering the Unexpected live and grow […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: The Executives


    The Executives hail from the Magnet Theatre in New York City. Formed as a house team at the venerable NYC comedy institution, their collective writing credits include: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Broad City, Master of None, Funny Or Die, and more. The Executives’ physical, thoughtful, follow-the-fun comedic energy celebrates genre bending, the zeitgeist, […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Victrola!


    Victrola! is an improvised sketch comedy podcast lovingly piloted by ColdTowne Theater’s Michael Jastroch. In the past 12 months, Victrola ha racked up some glowing reviews and made a live appearance at the Dallas Comedy Festival, and now this homegrown podcast will record an episode live at Austin Sketch Fest. We asked Michael Jastroch some […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Your Terrific Neighbors


    With the retirement of STAG Comedy, Your Terrific Neighbors “officially” became the oldest “serving” non-Esther’s sketch comedy group in Austin. YTN is also now the only group to have performed at every Austin Sketch Fest. Curtis Luciani and Courtney Hopkins are two of the busiest comedic actors and writers in Austin, appearing in dozens of […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: One Idiot


    One Idiot was formed at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York as part of Maude Night, their in-house sketch program. Their latest show, “What the Horse Saw”, earned them a permanent run at the UCB and was presented at the New York Comedy Festival as The Best Of UCB Sketch. We spoke to One […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: The Show of One-Person Shows


    Making its third straight appearance at Austin Sketch Fest, I Didn’t See You There: The Show of One-Person Shows goes up tonight, 10pm at ColdTowne Theater. SOOPS (as Festival Producer Will Cleveland calls it) feature 8 short, complete on-person shows from an eclectic mix of comedians from Austin’s sketch, stand-up, and improv scenes (and some […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Katie Sicking of Patriarchy II


    ColdTowne Theater alumn Katie Sicking left town (and our hearts) a few years back for the greener concrete pastures of New York City. Since she’s appearied in projects all over the city (at the UCB, at the PIT Theatre). In fact, she references so many sketch projects in this interview, we thought she was lying […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Emma Holder


    Comedian Emma Holder has been on the Austin scene since for the last eight years, performing improv and sketch comedy for a ton of different projects. Currently, she can be seen doing improv with Reverb, Three on a Match and Kings and performing sketch with Pendulum. Kennedy Women is her first solo sketch show, in […]

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