• About Hot Property

    Hot Property is a sketch-prov powerhouse made up of Mac Blake and David Jara of KOOP radio‚Äôs Mascot Wedding and Austin movie-mocking institution Master Pancake Theater, and Nick Ramirez and Lance Gilstrap of Austin improv and sketch institution Midnight Society. They write every show the day before, then forget all the lines, and try to […]

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  • About Astronaut Theatre

    Hi. We’re Astronaut Theatre. Once upon a time we lived in the lap of Boston luxury as college students, but that was a long time ago and we need to get over it and move on. No really, guys, get OVER IT. We’re adults now and we do sketch comedy as funny as we can, […]

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  • About Delicious Moments

    Remember those sitcoms you and your family watched growing up and you just couldn’t get enough of? Cosby…Cheers…Whitney…Dynasty…A Movie…Cosby… Well Delicious Moments (Ithamar Enriquez and Brian Shortall) doesn’t. BUT, we decided to make our own live sitcom, with everything you love about sitcoms: Opening Credits, Furniture, Snake Monsters AND a Wacky Neighbor to be played […]

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  • About Spirit Desire

    Spirit Desire formed in January 2010 through the power of friendship and The New Movement Theater. Since then this quartet of mostly bearded bros has played throughout Texas and have been on stage at The Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Dallas Comedy Festival and Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans. Wild and unpredictable these four […]

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