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  • Get to Know: The Encyclopedia Show

    The Encyclopedia Show is a live variety extravaganza that commissions local and touring artists and experts from all the performance disciplines to activate their individual talents to present a different verbal encyclopedia entry each month. A breakout hit at Austin’s ND@501 Studios, The Encyclopedia Show is making a special appearance at ColdTowne Theater on Wednesday, the opening night of Austin Sketch Fest. We asked E Show co-host Michael Graupman, what’s the haps, yo.

    How did get you involved with the Encyclopedia Show?

    Michael Graupman: The E Show was started in Chicago a year prior to [show co-host] Ralph [Hardesty] and I moving down to Austin by two of our best friends who are also writers/poets/comedians. They were curious if the show was replicable in other markets, and it turns out that it was. We were the second of the (so far) 15 cities to start up E Shows that follow the same basic format and season topic list. Our show just happens to benefit from the amazing talents of Austin’s comedy, literary and music scenes all together.

    What’s your writing process like?

    MG: Ralph and I have been writing together for five years now, on and off, and we spend too much time together, usually in the car going to events or parties or shows. Most of our ideas come from riffing on an idea that one of us thinks is funny and the other one building on that. We also have a great team of regular performers that help us with brainstorming and joke development. We’ve luckily built a lot of trust and respect for the collaborative process.

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  • Get to Know: The Hustle Show

    The Hustle Show is ColdTowne Theater’s hit monthly comedy variety show. Quickly gaining a reputation as one of Austin’s can’t miss events, The Hustle Show features a mix of sketch comedy, games, and assorted mayhem. We asked some questions to cast members Michael Pedicano, Courtney Sevener, Jeff Whitaker, and DJ Skwurtz.

    How did you get involved with doing sketch comedy?

    Michael Pedicano: Sketch was a natural transition from improv and a good way for me to healthily channel a distorted sense of reality.

    Jeff Whitaker: Growing up as a kid, my family and I used to watch Saturday Night Live together. It was definitely our family time. Since I was five, I started writing things down and making home movies with my friends. Fast-forward twenty years and I am now involved with a very supportive group of people that I met through improv. I was approached with the opportunity and I have loved every minute of it. I’m now getting to see all my stupid ideas put onto a stage.

    DJ Skwurtz: I dropped da fattest beats at da Barbra Walters Middle School Talent Show and this dude was there and was like, “yo I got this show tha Hustle Show” and I was like, “Shhh shhh shhhhhhh shh Say no more dawg.”

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  • 2012 Austin Sketch Fest

    The third annual Austin Sketch Comedy Festival is happening May 23rd – 27th over Memorial Day weekend and will feature two headlining shows from comedian Paul F. Tompkins as well as other incredible local and national acts. 2011 Austin Sketch Fest favorites Delicious Moments (The Tonight Show) return this year debuting their brand new Sitcom-inspired […]

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  • About Ghetto Sketch Warlock

    Ghetto Sketch Warlock conjures a variety show for your punk ass. Containing raps, sketches, musical sketches, and solo scenes, LuBu will cram laughs into your mouth, at which point you will expel them back out of your mouth and onto your lap. You sicken me.LuBu tha Ghetto Sketch Warlock is the alter-ego of Bryan Roberts: […]

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  • About Paul F. Tompkins

    Paul F. Tompkins makes his triumphant return to Austin for the third annual ATX Sketch Fest, performing two shows Memorial Day Weekend at the 29th St. Ballroom. Paul F. Tompkins is regarded as one of the best stand ups working today. His credits include Mr. Show with Bob and David, Community, Comedy Bang Bang and […]

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  • About There’s Waldo

    Gutsy sketch comedy powerhouse There’s Waldo combines fast-paced, high energy writing and memorably pathetic, off-kilter characters. This ensemble cut its teeth on full length revues at the Velveeta Room and the Institution Theater, including their spectacularly dark Christmas special, Human Santapede. Since 2010, they have charmed Austin audiences with their uniquely silly and twisted point […]

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  • About Fantasy Sex Picnic

    “The Dream is Alive…No Protection Necessary.” Fantasy Sex Picnic has been a packed house every night at The Second City in Hollywood! A high energy show with a lot of physical comedy yet still maintaining a fresh organic approach every time. A hardcore “Top Gun” volleyball game, plenty of robots, and real actual dinosaurs! Fantasy […]

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  • About The P! Company

    Comedy, Openness, Passion, Friendship, and Experimentation. These are the tenets of Austin’s famed comedy duo, “The P! Company.” Prepare for a performance that will showcase true comedic art- a dangerous splattering of high energy live sketches, a delicate layering of knee-slapping video shorts, and a fine brush stroke of wildly witty banter between its hosts […]

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