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  • 2011 Austin Sketch Fest
  • Gay Chair

    Hey, why not watch a video from New York/Chicago-based sketch comedy group Astronaut Theatre? They’ll be performing with Austin’s Stag Comedy on Friday, May 25th at 8PM at Hyde Park Theater. Click here to buy tickets.

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  • The Encyclopedia Show

    The Encyclopedia Show is a live variety extravaganza that commissions local and touring artists and experts from all the performance disciplines to activate their individual talents to present a different verbal encyclopedia entry each month. The Encyclopedia Show endeavors to build an age-integrated, non-competitive performance community cultivating accidental knowledge and irreverent loving kindness. Though the [...]

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  • About Your Terrific Neighbors

    Volleyball children, magic sex pencilists, submarine dads, jazzercise preachers, and dudes who love to 69, bro — these are but a few of Your Terrific Neighbors. One of Austin’s most passionately loved (and loving) sketch troupes, Your Terrific Neighbors are out there dropping fresh sketches on the community’s head on a monthly basis. They’ve been [...]

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  • A Weekend of Live Sketch Comedy from Austin and Beyond!

    The second annual Austin Sketch Fest is happening Memorial Day weekend 2012, and will showcase the very best scripted comedy America has to offer. Organized by ColdTowne Theater, the 2010 and 2011 festivals were fantastic successes, with sell out shows all weekend and talent from across the country, and we intend to make things bigger [...]

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  • Last Day of Sketch Fest!

    All three days of Austin Sketch Fest have been fantastic. Thanks to P! Company, Ghetto Sketch Warlock, Turn of the Century Paris, The Night Show, ColdTowne Mainstage, BLEAK! Comedy, Stag, Audience of Two, Midnight Society, Saddle Dads, Your Terrific Neighbors, and Delicious Moments for delivering some hilarious performances. Packed houses and great shows all around. [...]

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