• Austin Comedy 2015: Austin Loses its Cosmic Cowboy


    by Mac Blake Montgomery Wayne Seitz wasn’t the best stand-up in Austin, but he might have been the most stand-up. I don’t know if that completely makes sense, but Monty was a complicated guy. As Jay Whitecotton wrote, “Everyone that met him loved him, got annoyed by him, avoided him, put up with him, got […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: Sandbox and Waterbed Keep it Weird


    By Lisa Friedrich I’m not a gambler, but if I had to bet on something, I’d bet most comedy shows can’t claim to summon demons and practice the Dark Arts or provide a “rascal pack” and try snacks as a shared experience. I might even wager most comedy shows aren’t run by people who truly […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: Chris Cubas Wins The Internet


    by Will Cleveland On March 25th of this year at 11:59 and 59 seconds, veteran Austin-based comedian and podcaster Chris Cubas (Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption) made his debut on @midnight. I say debut because he killed it so hard, they asked him back on the show later in June. Cubas won the first ever @midnight […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: ATX Uncensored(ish) is On the Air


    by Dave Buckman When the call went out to the Austin Comedy Community that KXAN and the CW were looking to produce a new, local, Daily Show-style show in 2015, featuring Austin comedians and Austin stories. I, like every other comedic-minded performer sent in an their head shot, resumé and reel. I thought I had […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: Lubu’s New Lungs


    by Michael Jastroch Photo by Steve Rogers When people write about Bryan “Lubu” Roberts, the intro paragraph usually includes that “[his] voice sounds like a 1920s Radio Announcer Cartoon! LOL!” And while that’s true, it completely misses the point. Bryan Roberts is one of the most effortlessly funny people in Austin, and it has nothing […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: The Next Level of Vanessa Gonzalez

    Vanessa Gonzalez performing at the 2015 Austin Sketch Fest. Photo by Steve Rogers.

    by Jeff Whitaker Photos by Steve Rogers Vanessa Gonzalez is so good, it makes me mad. I remember seeing her first solo show “I Don’t Know Words” at The New Movement Theater and thinking, “Okay, yeah, I can’t do that.” Vanessa has that special spark. That immediate magnetism and overall stage presence that makes her […]

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  • 2015: The Year in Austin Comedy

    Joe Wengert at the 2015 Austin Sketch Fest. Photo by Steve Rogers.

    If you’re reading this, odds are you went to a comedy show or two in Austin this year. You probably saw or heard something that made you laugh so hard, tears came out of you eyes or you struggled to breath. A moment that whenever you think about it, you find it impossible not to […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Joe Wengert


    Joe Wengert (Kroll Show, Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, Comedy Bang Bang) presents his one-person show, Stages of Adulthood, at Austin Sketch Fest. After conducting over three hours of research into the adult experience, Joe has expanded upon the work of Erik Erikson and is ready to present new, little known stages of adulthood to world […]

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