• Early Bird Passes almost gone.


    We put a limited number of All-Fest Passes on sale for the early bird price of $40 and you can go ahead and put them on the endangered species list. There’s a few left, but don’t expect them to be there come Monday. For $40 you get six nights of comedy, two shows each night […]

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  • First Wave of ASF Performers + All-Fest Passes


    We received a record number of applications for this year’s fest and picking the line-up was tough stuff. After much deliberation, Austin Sketch Fest is HYPER PUMPED to announce the initial group of performers making their way to the plaid-clad kingdom of Austin for this year’s fest: -AC Lerok (ATX) -Bad Example (ATX) -Brandon Gulya […]

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  • Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction at the 2014 Austin Sketch Festival


    Gird your minds and loins! Austin Sketch Fest is pleased to announce another 2014 headlining show, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction! Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction is a comedy show (and popular podcast on the Nerdist Network) held every month at the Nerdmelt Theater in Los Angeles, created & hosted by Bryan Cook. Each show features 10 […]

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  • MY MANS to Perform at the 2014 Austin Sketch Fest


    You’ve waited and waited and it’s finally here. The first headliner announcement for ASF 2014! Austin Sketch Fest is proud to announce that My Mans featuring SNL’s Tim Robinson will be one of the headliners of this year’s festival! My Mans is three mans: Mark Raterman, Tim Robinson, and Andy Miara. Mark and Tim perform. […]

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  • Austin Performers: Sign-up for the next People’s Sketch Show!

    peoples sketch submission

    From Mr. Cody Dearing: On March 25th at 8:30pm Your Terrific Neighbors will host a variety sampling of sketches from different groups that have all been inspired by the suggestion “South”. Fill out the submission form and you can be one of those groups! The last one was a blast to put on, and the […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Laugh, Dammit!


    This year’s ASF is packed with awesome and thanks to Laugh, Dammit! we know it’s going out with a bang. Closing out the fest on Sunday night is the brainchild of comedian and musician Derek Phelps and his co-producer brother Paul. Laugh, Dammit! is a comedy gameshow where contestants do their best to hold back […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: An Historic Evening with Brendan K. O’Grady.


    This year, we at ASF wanted to shake things up. We still wanted to bring you some of the best sketch comedy in the country, but we also wanted to expand and diversify our programming. And within the deepest venn diagrammed sweet spot of our hearts we found An Historic Evening. Well, we didn’t so […]

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  • Wife’s Home Early by Hot Property and Humordy

    Wife Is Coming Home Early - Hot Property (Live Sketch)

    In anticipation of ASF, our friends at Humordy released a live sketch from Hot Property (Mac, David, and Lance from STAG! and Nick from Old Fashioned) recorded live at ColdTowne. Humordy updates three times a week with new hilarious shorts, animation, and live recordings of Austin’s best stand-up. Click here to subscribe. Need more convincing? […]

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