• ASF Hot Seat: Beige


    Everyone at Austin Sketch Fest is (total duh) big fans of UCB and we’re perpetually on the edge of a swoon that UCB sketch team Beige is coming down. Check’em out Saturday 10pm along with self-help guru LanceLife. We asked Beige’s Jon Bershad for some brownish information. For folks at home, what’s the process of [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Tastemakers


    Bryan “Lubu” Roberts has been performing as his scripted alter ego Ghetto Sketch Warlock for years. After collaborating (and killing) with a bunch of awesome peeps at a Sketch Cover Night, Tastemakers was born. Tastemakers will be headlining the very first show of Austin Sketch Fest, Wednesday May 22nd 8pm at ColdTowne Theater, performing with [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Austin Comedy Hour

    The Austin Comedy Hour

    The Austin Sketch Festival has a lot of performers, but only one group has a sketch about All-pro tight end Shannon Sharpe. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to welcome the Austin Comedy Hour to ASF. We asked Scott Moss some questions about the Austin Comedy Hour and while he did accept our interview request, he [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: There’s Waldo

    There's Waldo ::  Tyler Reece Booker, Amy Dietze, Taylor Overstreet, Christine Giordano, Erica Lies, Sara Osburn, John Buseman

    When There’s Waldo gets together expect infectious energy and total commitment to whatever dumb thing is going on. Dumb in a good way of course. Like Teen Wolf dumb, not like Transformers Dark of the Moon dumb. Does that make sense? Check it out for yourself Thursday, May 23 at 8pm (get tickets). We asled [...]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: The P! Company

    The P! Company

    Absurd, charming, hilarious, and possibly sharing a brain – The P! Company is Austin’s most inseparable comedy duos. Which made it extra shocking when company man Andy Petruzzo moved to LA. We’re very excited that Andy is reuniting with Kyle Sweeney to help us kick off the Fest on our opening night Wednesday, 10pm at [...]

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