• Austin Comedy 2015: BettyFest Represents


    by Taylor Stewart Photo by Erin Holsonback Do you have an uncle that thinks that women aren’t funny? You need to de-uncle him right now. Or maybe invite him to BettyFest. Austin has experienced a surge in female comedy performers and it is no coincidence that the scene has grown stronger and more dynamic because […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: The Comedy Seance Comes Alive


    by Aaron Brooks Photo by Erin Holsonback Once a year, all hell breaks loose in Austin. The Comedy Seance started its second run in 2013. The original idea, which ran from 2007-2009, came from comedy friends Norm Wilkerson and Avi Hartman. “Halloween was coming up and we decided to do something special. I had this […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: Pgraph Celebrates 10 Years!


    by Courtney Hopkin Improv troupes are generally loosely packed balls of sand. Stuck together at the beginning by the excitement for new friendship and bonds, the ball slowly comes apart, first with a trickle and eventually disintegrating back on to the beach. So it’s no small feat that Austin Improv troupe Parallelogramophonograph just celebrated 10 […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: The Year of The Velv


    Jimmy Pardo, Chip Pope, Mario Digiorgio by Dustin Svehlak The Velv. Maybe you know it as The Velveeta Room, or as that place next to Esther’s Follies. But what you should know is that it’s currently one of the best places in the city to see comedy. Although some might prefer to watch a favorite […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: the Fiend-ship of Aaron Brooks and Danny Palumbo


    by Mac Blake photo by Erin Holsonback At the beginning of the year, Joe Hafkey and I left our increasingly popular Monday night stand-up showcase Jazz Cigarette to start a new show at Cap City Comedy Club. Taking over the reigns of Jazz Cigarette was Aaron Brooks and Danny Palumbo. Jazz Cigarette was a show […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: Maggie Maye Crushes it on Conan


    by Courtney Sevener When I sat down to write this article, I just wanted to write “Maggie Maye was on CONAN,” and then sit back in my chair and cross my arms for a brief moment before setting my computer on fire, walking down the stairs of my apartment building, getting into a cherry-red convertible […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: Mayor Pat Dean


    by Brendan K. O’Grady Photo by Erin Holsonback I’ve often referred to Pat Dean as “The Mayor of Austin Comedy.” He’s one of the most universally well-liked guys you’ll ever meet –– absolutely nobody has a bad word to say about the man. If we ever had to band together to select our city’s official […]

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  • Austin Comedy 2015: DAMN GINA Breaks It Down


    by Erica Lies Photo by Steve Rogers It’s no secret that for years, comedy in general and improv in particular, have had a reputation for over-representing on the straight white dude front, and there’s been a lot of discussion this year about diversity in improv overall. While improv in Austin has seen tremendous growth in […]

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