• Merch! Limited Edition Print by Paul Maybury and a Super Soft Shirt.


    If you’re coming to any Sketch Fest shows this week, bring a little spending money. We’ll be selling this limited edition (only 70 made) Austin Sketch Fest print by artist Paul Maybury. Paul is an Austin-based artist and writer whose work has been featured by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and more. His current series, Sovreign […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Hot Property


    Hot Property shows were nuts. Things got smashed, cast members were abused, people at a Yelp event were offended. One of their sketches involved them pretending to be comatose on stage for the entirety of Drowning Pool’s “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.” An endurance test for many reasons. Then Nick Ramirez moved to New […]

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  • ASF 14 kicks off tonight, The Show of One-Person Shows preview, and a fan-made video


    Firstly, follow us on instagram! It’s empty right now, but it’ll start flowing tonight! The 2014 Austin Sketch Fest gets started tonight at 8:30 at ColdTowne Theater with performances from Bad Example, Magician vs Clown, and Wink Planet. That’s going to be a hot hot show guaranteed. Get tickets here. Then at 10pm we have […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: MY Mans


    My Mans was set to perform in Austin a couple years ago at the Out Of Bounds Comedy festival, but RIGHT before that happened one half of the Mans, Tim Robinson was whisked away to SNL. Tim and Mark Raterman are now returning to Austin to fill that My Mans-shaped hole in our hearts. When […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: The Tastemakers


    Bryan “Lubu” Roberts is an Austin sketch institution, performing solo as Ghetto Sketch Warlock and now with Kyle Traughber, Ben Masten, and Quinn Buckner as The Tastemakers. This is the second year Tastemakers will be performing at ASF. We asked mastermind, Bryan Roberts for some insider info. What’s the difference between a Ghetto Sketch Warlock […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Magician vs. Clown


    There may be some overlapping themes and concepts among the groups performing at this year’s Austin Sketch Fest, but one group is guaranteed to tread ground un-treaded by other treading enthusiasts. Magician vs. Clown is a competing and complimentary performance of a magician (Nathan Livni) and a clown (Jericho Thorp). MvC helps kick off ASF […]

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  • Dave Buckman’s ASF Picks


    Dave Buckman already told us why he couldn’t be more excited for Ithamar Enriquez’s show. We asked Dave for some more festival picks. Here’s what he sent us. 5 OTHER SHOWS I CAN’T WAIT FOR: 5) Wink Planet Tuesday May 20th, 8:30pm, ColdTowne Theater. A hot new sketch troupe of recent ColdTowne graduates who are […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: STAG Comedy


    STAG Comedy is Austin’s most well-traveled group. Plying fests in Seattle, Chicago, Toronto, and more. They also did a set at this year’s Moontower Comedy Festival, right here in Austin. For Austin Sketch Fest, they’ve upped the stakes. STAG will be debuting their brand new police-themed show “Below the Law” on the Thursday night of […]

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