• Here’s the Second Wave of ASF Performers


    That’s right, FATHER, we added even more people to this year’s Austin Sketch Fest. I’m sorry to disappoint you again, sir. I know you’d prefer it if we didn’t jam pack this festival with the funniest people we can find. Well too bad, Father. Your little Festival is all grown-up and we’re not hiding who […]

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  • Free Show: Austin Sketch Smash


    As we get closer to the 2015 Austin Sketch Fest, we will be bringing you a couple ramp-up shows. Our first one is a co-presentation with Pop Press International, called Austin Sketch Smash. See, we bought a box of prop glass bottles. The kind they can break over people’s heads in movies and not kill […]

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  • Here’s the ASF 2015 Line-up


    We are beyond excited to announce our first wave of performers for the sixth Austin Sketch Fest, playing May 18-24 at ColdTowne Theater and Spider House Ballroom. Good Neighbor, that charming powerhouse troupe of SNL performers, writers and directors, will perform TWO headlining shows during the fest. We again have a super strong line-up of […]

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  • Our Favorite Sketches of 2014


    The Austin Sketch Fest producer team picks some of our favorite sketches of the year. It might not surprise you that some of them are from the 2014 Festival. Courtney Hopkin – Marketing, Productions & Operations for ASF, performer with Your Terrific Neighbors Saturday Night Live, “Wing” It’s hard to do bad acting well. That […]

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  • Submissions for the 2015 ASF opening soon


    Austin Sketch Fest 2015 will be held May 19th – 24th, 2015. We’ll be opening submissions this month so start getting those tapes together.

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  • Guests for Everyone’s Favorite Game Show, Master Pancake Theater


    This is it. The closing night of the 2014 Austin Sketch Fest. We’re going out in style with two amazing and very different shows. At 8:30pm we have Everyone’s Favorite Game Show From UCB New York. The guest comedy contestants on that show will be Ithamar Enriquez and ColdTowne’s own Cody Dearing (tickets here). Then […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: The Hustle Show


    Featuring members of STAG Comedy, Bad Example, and Your Terrific Neighbors, The Hustle Show is like its own one-troupe Sketch Fest. Their monthly show at ColdTowne Theater is a mix of stand-up, games, and other assorted mayhem. We asked The Hustle crew some questions. You guys have a monthly show at ColdTowne Theater. What’s your […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Everyone’s Favorite Game Show


    Our closing night is going to be hella fun. Starting off the Sunday Sketch Fest line-up is Everyone’s Favorite Game Show, a live comedy game show from New York City’s UCB Theater. Three contestants battle it out for a grand prize of twenty american dollars. One of the contestants is drawn from the audience each […]

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