• ASF Hot Seat: Vanilla Presley


    Vanilla Presley is the comedy hip hop duo of stand-ups Patrick Sirois and Lane Krarup. For those with a pretty low tolerance for bad comedy rap, rest easy, VP not only bring the microphone thunder but also the hilarity. At their show on Wednesday, not only will Vanilla Presley open the show with a performance, […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Girls With Brown Hair


    Samantha Schecter and Becky Chicoine are Girls With Brown Hair, an NYC sketch duo with a monthly show at the UCB theater AND YES THEY HAVE BROWN HAIR! Was that really what you wanted to know so badly? They’re also hilarious. They bounce from character to character and they’re hilarious. Does that help? Hey – […]

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  • Dave Buckman on Ithamar Enriquez


    Dave Buckman is possibly the most esteemed sketch comedy performer, instructor, and director in Austin. After cutting his teeth studying and teaching improv in Chicago, Dave served as Artistic Director of the legendary Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, where he worked with and directed some of the funniest people working in television and web-based sketch comedy […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Why We Broke Up


    In Why We Broke Up, Allie Kokesh and Matthew Brian Cohen go through their relationship, scene by scene, and the results are hilarious and surprisingly touching. Is it a play? A narrative sketch show? I do know that it is easily one of the most anticipated shows of this year’s ASF. Matt and Allie give […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Vanessa Gonzalez


    Vanessa Gonzalez is slightly unstoppable. Her one-person show I Don’t Know Words, just finished up a tour, including a headlining sketch spot at Boston’s Women in Comedy Festival. Vanessa is making her double debut at ASF – also taking the stage as a member of the group Bad Example. “I Don’t Know Words” is a […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Your Terrific Neighbors


    Your Terrific Neighbors have been the Austin sketch comedy gold standard for so many years, you might be tempted to take them for granted. But each performance proves that YTN continues to be as inventive as they are hilarious. We asked some questions to Curtis, Courtney, and Braden. Wait… where’s Braden? Curtis Luciani: Sorry that […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: Bryan Cook of Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction


    Bryan Cook is hitting the road this summer with his hit show, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction with stops in various festivals, including this year’s Austin Sketch Fest (I really hope that’s not news to anyone). Bryan will be pulling double duty, performing stand-up Thursday night and then ring-mastering CEFF on Friday. Where, oh where, did […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: AC Lerok


    AC Lerok‘s John Buseman and Rob Gagnon are about as fearless as performers get. Or they’re just weirdos with specific turn-ons. Either way, their shows are great. John and Rob have performed at Austin Sketch Fest before with different groups but this year will mark the ASF debut of AC Lerok. You guys started out […]

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