• ASF Hot Seat: Laugh, Dammit!


    This year’s ASF is packed with awesome and thanks to Laugh, Dammit! we know it’s going out with a bang. Closing out the fest on Sunday night is the brainchild of comedian and musician Derek Phelps and his co-producer brother Paul. Laugh, Dammit! is a comedy gameshow where contestants do their best to hold back […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: An Historic Evening with Brendan K. O’Grady.


    This year, we at ASF wanted to shake things up. We still wanted to bring you some of the best sketch comedy in the country, but we also wanted to expand and diversify our programming. And within the deepest venn diagrammed sweet spot of our hearts we found An Historic Evening. Well, we didn’t so […]

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  • Wife’s Home Early by Hot Property and Humordy

    Wife Is Coming Home Early - Hot Property (Live Sketch)

    In anticipation of ASF, our friends at Humordy released a live sketch from Hot Property (Mac, David, and Lance from STAG! and Nick from Old Fashioned) recorded live at ColdTowne. Humordy updates three times a week with new hilarious shorts, animation, and live recordings of Austin’s best stand-up. Click here to subscribe. Need more convincing? […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: STAG Comedy

    STAG Comedy :: David Jara, Mac Blake, Ximena Estrada, Dave Youmans, Lance Gilstrap. Andrew Rosas, Joe Parsons

    STAG Comedy has been busy in the past year, with a microtour of Portland and Seattle, a trip to the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, and a brand new show, Sensible Pantsuit. They also added a new member, Lance Gilstrap. They’re also performing Thursday night along with There’s Waldo and Danny Palumbo. Stags David Jara, Dave […]

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  • ASF Hot Seat: The Hustle Show

    The Hustle Show

    The Hustle Show hustles. Every month the same group of people write and perform a brand new sketch show. Then, they next month they start all over. The Hustle Show also features games, stand-up, music, and “assorted mayhem.” In April the group did a show of just one-person shows. Hosted by the Mascot Wedding dudes, […]

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